Protest Site Needs for Summer Heat Preparation

April 12, 2012 in Annoucements, Issues, Uncategorized

A call to ACTION for all OLR supporters.

On Sunday April 22, 2012, between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., OLR will host at the protest site at 4th and Ferry in downtown Little Rock, a project get-together for all supporters of OLR to accomplish the task of making of the shading for the protest site for the summer months. This shading will consist of cammo-style netting (Occu-net).

We have already constructed one (1) loom form to make this netting, but we need to make a few more. to accomplish this, we need a few more supplies. they are as follows:
16 2″x4″x8′
2 lbs 16 penny nails
28 spools of (sisal rope)twine with a tensile strength of 75 lbs
Used sheets or other light material to tie netting for shade

This above list has a cost of aprox. $500.00

In anticipation of meeting this goal, we invite everyone to plan to attend on that Sunday the 22nd of April, so we can build those frames and get the Occu-Net up and functioning.

Also we would like to Bar-B-Que on that Sunday for everyone that is willing to help with this much needed project, so therefore, we would also need:
charcoal, stuff to bar-b-que, drinks, ice, paper plates, napkins, etc.

Projects that are also coming up in conjunction with OLR and the summer are:
A raised garden, Solar DE-hydrator, System to cool the Occu-dome, and an outdoor misting system.

Thanks in advance for any and all of your help with this, and all of our current projects. Please contact anyone at the protest site or you may call Tim at 501-860-2938. You may also contact us thru our Facebook pages for further details and, thanks for your participation with us at OLR.

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